These are most of the Addons I use, some I turn off when I PVP for performance. I HIGHLY suggest you use Minion addon manager. Its a one time setup to tell it where to send addons and then it has all of ESOUI addons you can download with 1 click, also remove with 1 click.


I can't live without.

  1. Skyshards- cant live without, adds skyshards to map/compass and removes it when you used it.

  2. Lorebooks- cant live without, adds all lorebooks to map/compass and removes them once you have read them.

  3. LUI- full interface overhaul, i go back and forth from AUI, LUI, Bandits. So look at the pictures of all of them and decide what you like! I like different things from all of them.

  4. Azurah- move anything and everything from the original UI, you can use this instead of a full replacement like LUI. also pair it with DarkUI for a dark clean look

  5. AlphaGear 2- Save gear sets and skills to swap builds with a button!

  6. Master Merchant- Shows pricing on everything so you have a good guess on what to sell/buy for from the Guild Traders. note: It uses only guilds your in for average pricing. so if you're in no trading guilds you will have no pricing or strange pricing from people who bought from you PVP guilds store

  7. Harvest Map- Saves gathering material spawns when you collect them. And will even draw a map with the most potent areas to farm for specific/all materials!

  8. Combat Metrics- Cant live without, Detailed stats for DPS parsing

  9. AwesomeGuildStore- Cant buy/trade without, guild store UI updates like searching and organizing searches.

  10. Greyskull: Weapon/spell damage meter- but a small addon that shows what you current weapon/spell damage is so you can time attacks with all your buffs/procs

  11. Kill Counter- Keeps track of all your PVP stats and who killed you and who you killed.

  12. Fast ride- Auto equips rapids when you mount and disappears when you use it. Make sure to use it right when it turns on! If you don't and you get in combat then you're stuck with rapids on your bar until you're out of combat, then it will take it off your bar. Once the buff is gone and you're still mounted it puts rapids back on your bar.

  13. Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter- It auto accepts writ quests and makes your writs for you at the crafting station!!!! I do writs everyday in about 1 minute, it just cant make food for you but can take it out of your bank. also cant make potions/poison

  14. Potion Maker- pick what traits you want and it auto fills the ingredients, it gives you multiple choices if there are more than one way to make those traits. great for alts who don't have the traits learned and for convenience. has a writ option so it auto fills ingredients for the writ you have

  15. ESO Master Recipe list-  Just like it sounds, can track recipes, also highlights the food/drink that you have the writ for! so you don't have to think about it, goes great with lazy writ crafter. also has housing recipes and will show which toons have them or not.

  16. Custom Idle Animation- pick what emotes you want to auto-use when you are idle