Awesome sustain, great damage and survivability. I use this for solo PVP in NO CP Cyrodiil and battlegrounds




  1. Head- Valkyn Skoria- Magicka Enchant & Impen. or Well fitted
  2. Shoulders- Valkyn Skoria- Magicka Enchant & Well fitted
  3. Chest-Shacklebreaker - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  4. Arms-Shacklebreaker - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  5. Hands-Shacklebreaker - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  6. legs-Shacklebreaker - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  7. Feet-Shacklebreaker - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  8. Jewelry- Spell Strategist - 3 Weapon damage Enchant & 1 Infused - 2 Robust
  9. Weapon 1-Spell Strategist Inferno staff- Flame damage Enchant & sharpened
  10. Weapon 2-Blackrose Perfected Resto staff OR Veteran Maelstrom Resto staff-  Defending/powered on BRP resto or Precise on VMA resto.


  1. Accelerating Drain- This is a really good CC and you cant see it coming like you can with Flame Clench, Plus flame clench is now the only morph with a CC and its 15m so the distance is almost the same now. This also procs skoria as well.

  2. Ricochet Skull/Crushing Shock/Elemental weapon  - Use whichever one you like best, I used all three and they all felt good but I stuck with Elemental weapon since its the best single target, the interrupt on crushing is good too but not as often and ricochet was good and adds some good boost to passives so pick what fits best with you.

  3. Degeneration- Strong DOT and restores 100 magicka on light attack, major sorcery, must have!

  4. Soul Splitting Trap-  super strong dot available to everyone this patch, i'm loving it!

  5. Stalking Blastbones - Good burst damage

  6. Devouring Swarm- Great healing, good range. Perfect for when outnumbered or pulling NB out of stealth when they try to run

  1. Rapid Regen- Really good heal, only 5 seconds now

  2. Healing Ward- Heals per second the shield is up, cast after rapid regen and kite behind cover and you will be full health in a few seconds You can also slot DEADEN PAIN for small HOT and major protection

  3. Race Against Time- this is our Mobility, I also cast when entering combat. If you're stealth use this and elemental weapon into your dots

  4. Spirit Guardian- Keep it up, good heal and 10 percent damage reduction (20 percent with our backbar ulti when you're in defensive mode)

  5. Summoner's Armor-  Major resolve and major ward. Cheaper summons.

  6. Temporal Guard-  Don't actually cast much, I use it for the minor protection in conjunction with Spirit Guardian and we are bulky even in light armor.

BURST COMBO- Make sure they are off their CC immunity cast Blastbones then degeneration and soul trap (if they are really tanky then cast devouring swarm) and then CC them with Accelerating drain and watch skoria proc right when BB hits while they melt from 4 dots. Most people you don't need your ulti mostly just when NB try to stealth I will use it to keep them out or if I am outnumbered I use it to heal and burst a couple down. And even though skoria is random its pretty damn reliable once you get all your dots on someone including accelerating drain (also a dot) so a lot of the time as soon as I cast it for the CC when my other dots are on them it procs


  1. Atronach- Magicka recovery
  2. Witchmothers potent brew
  3. Immovable pot, Magicka/health
  4. Dark Elf- Definitely like dark elf the best for the extra stam, If you are a breton you can run all max food to make up for it, but with dark elf we don't need to, we need the regen.