Magicka Templar PVP



PalOcalypse is amazing in battlegrounds where it really shines with sweeps and heals, this build feels very Tanky but will also blow up anyone who is not a tank, you can even spam heals and keep your entire team alive if need be. Templar I think will easily be the best group/battlegrounds class for scalebreaker patch


  1. Head- Valkyn Skoria - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  2. Shoulders-Valkyn Skoria - Stamina Enchant & impen./sturdy
  3. Chest-Innate Axiom - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  4. Arms-Innate Axiom - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  5. Hands-Innate Axiom - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  6. Legs-Innate Axiom- Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  7. Feet-Innate Axiom - Magicka Enchant & Impen.
  8. Jewelry- Wizard's Riposte - Spell Damage Enchant & 1 Infused - 2 Arcane
  9. Weapon 1-Wizard's Riposte Fire Staff - Fire Enchant, Sharpened & spell damage enchant
  10. Weapon 2-Wizard's Riposte Sword & Board - Fire Enchant, Defending & Sturdy, Arcane shield


Because of Axiom we are focusing on class skills, which for a magicka Templar is pretty easy.

  1. Toppling Charge- this is our gap closer and hard CC

  2. Puncturing Sweep- spammable, good heal if you're not being focused and just taking some AOE damage, hits multiple people in front of you. Procs Skoria

  3. Degeneration- major sorcery buff, I don't like having more health on 1 bar than the other it bothers me so I like degeneration for passive heals over structured entropy, but you can use either.  Procs Skoria

  4. Channeled Acceleration- FLEX- I like this skill to get around plus extra crit damage starting the fight

  5. Reflective light/ Vampires Bane- major prophecy (crit), minor sorcery (spell damage), procs Valkyn Skoria, decent damage, whats not to love?

  6. Crescent Sweep- I use this because we are wearing Innate Axiom we want to use class skills. Procs Skoria

  1. Blazing Spear- for some extra AOE damage also great for your teammates, they will love you. You can use either morph but this one has a little more damage. Procs Skoria

  2. Honor the Dead/Breath of life-  OH S#^@

  3. Living Dark- This skill is amazing and it will gets you lots of hate mail. Gives us a small heal and passively immobilizes enemies.

  4. Ritual of Retribution- retributon procs skoria, good dot, good heal, cleanse. DO IT

  5. Channeled Focus- major ward/resolve and 50% more when you stand in it, also magicka back.

  6. Remembrance- FLEX SPOT, I like it for emergency purposes you can change the course of a battle with this skill. But if you don't care about your team or are in Cryodiil then use Temporal guard 


  1. Magicka Revovery, The Atronach
  2. Witchmother's Potent brew
  3. Tripots
  4. Altmer, High Elf, Altmer.... But if you have lore reasons or switch from magicka to stamina a lot then do khajiit or dark elf ( I'm actually a khajiit)


NOTE: These will not apply in NO CP battlegrounds, only in CP Cyrodiil