1. MOST skill lines level up by having a skill from that skill line on your bar when you gain experience. So when you first start put your first 3 skill points into the first skill in each class skill line and put them on your bar.

2. You get a free skill re-spec scroll for skill points and attribute points at level 43 so don't worry about choosing wrong morphs or wasting skill points for later. You can also pay a small gold fee ANYTIME to change them yourself in capital cities at the shrine of Akatosh  and shrine of Stendarr .

3. At level 10 you get a free horse in the leveling rewards. BEFORE you get a mount you can still train your horse riding skill for 250 gold every day (in most cities) so you should start immediately because assuming you don't miss a day it takes 6 months if you don't buy the riding upgrades in the crown store. You can upgrade your speed, stamina, and bag space.

4. You will eventually have enough skill points for all passives you need and ALL CRAFTING on one character so don't worry about it!

5. All delves have 1 skyshard!

6. All public dungeons have 1 skyshard and a GROUP EVENT ( a mini boss) that rewards 1 SKILLPOINT

7.Group dungeons give 1 skillpoint as a reward for the quest your first time in. version I and II have different quests with a skillpoint each!

8. Experience scrolls and potions don't increase mages guild or fighters guild experience, its a separate "experience"

9. When you first start even if you are not interested in crafting at the moment instead of selling everything to a merchant go to the crafting area in any main city and research traits under the research tab on a crafting station and then deconstruct everything enchantments included, then sell what you cant deconstruct to the merchant. crafting takes a while to level up especially enchanting and jewelry crafting and you make gear based on how many traits you have researched, which takes weeks for single traits when you get close to being done!

9.5. Unless you really want to make something specific DO NOT refine anything until you have maxed out your passives for gaining materials when refining. You can get GOLD tempers when you refine when your passive is maxed out, they are expensive so you can sell them or use them to upgrade your CP160 gear. Every character I save all the raw material i collect until he is maxed and then I refine it all at once.

10. Read everything! bookshelves can increase specific skill lines when you read them!


11. You can fast travel by clicking "M" for map and clicking on a wayshrine OR dungeon or arena (not delve or public dungeon) but it cost gold and if you do it in quick succession it cost more. If you go to a wayshrine and click on it you can travel for free. Its also free to travel to houses from anywhere BUT it cost gold to travel out of it.

12. You create outfits at the "outfit station" in major cities. you change to your outfit in the character stats screen "C" by your title.


13. You can buy extra outfit slots, but they are only PER CHARACTER not per account. 

14. Inventory management is horrible if you don't have ESO plus. If you play on a daily basis you should get it just for the craft bag and double bank space. But having all DLCs is good too. The craft bag hold all crafting materials with unlimited space.

15. You can upgrade bag and bake space in major towns at the pack merchant and the bank merchant. It is really cheap the first few levels (increments of 10) and gets very expensive.

16. You do not need to save any gear sets until you are CP160 they are not worth a bank spot you wont use them again.

17. once you hit level 50 you start earning Champion points, they give a small boost to stats per point. Gear after level 50 maxes out at CP160. So you don't need to save gear or make it gold quality until you are CP160.

18. Unless you are a tank you want to decide if you will be magicka based or stamina based. Skills damage / heal is based off weapon damage and max stamina OR spell damage and max magicka in 90% of skills. So if you do both they will be very weak. But you can use the resource you don't specialize in for utility spells/ skills that don't necessarily do damage but provide buffs or utility.

NOTE: you can re-spec and change if you want, but keep it in mind when building your character

19. Lock picking is not the only way to level legerdemain, selling items to a fence in an outlaw refuge in major cities will level it per item! So will pick pocketing.

20. the 2-5 bonus traits on armor mean if you have 3 pieces you get bonus 2 and 3 or if you have 5 pieces on you get all the bonuses. You cannot make them stronger by wearing more than 5 pieces. If your weapon is one of the set pieces when you switch bars you LOSE that bonus unless your other weapon is also that set!

21. You do not see skill lines until you have earned a little experience for them. The armor skill lines you have to ear experience while wearing 3 pieces at least to see them, you still get experience even if you cant see them yet!