Races of Tamriel

NOTE: Special passives are a non issue for race choice, the 1% is to minimal to make a lasting difference and the experience increase for a skill line wont matter once you hit level 50, which does not take long even as a new player.

Daggerfall Covenant


Special Passive- Opportunist-

Increase experience with the light armor skill line by 15% and alliance points earned by 1%

  1. Gift of Magnus- Increase max magicka by 2000

  2. Spell Attunement- Increase spell resistance by 2310 which is doubled when burned, chilled, or concussed.

  3. Magica mastery- Reduce magicka cost of abilities by 7%


Special Passive- Wayfarer-

Increase experience with 1 hand and shield skill line by 15%, and increase food duration by 15 minutes

  1. Martial Training- Reduce the cost of weapon abilities by 8%

  2. Conditioning- Increase max stamina by 2000

  3. Adrenaline Rush- When you deal direct damage you restore 950 stamina, this can occur once every 5 seconds


-Orsimer (Orc)-

Special Passive- Craftsman-

Increase experience with heavy armor skill line, and increase crafting inspiration by 10%

  1. Brawny- Increase max stamina by 2000

  2. Unflinching Rage- Increase max health by 1000, when you deal damage with a weapon ability you heal for 600, once every 4 seconds

  3. Swift Warrior- Increase weapon damage by 258, reduce cost of sprint by 12% and increase sprint speed by 10%

Ebonheart Pact


Special Passive- Reveler-

Increase experience with the 2 handed skill line by 15% and increase duration of any drink by 15 minutes

  1. Resist Frost- Increase max health by 1000, cold resistance by 2310 and immune to chilled status effect

  2. Stalwart- Increase max stamina by 1500, when you take damage gain 5 ultimate which can happen every 10 seconds

  3. Rugged- Increase physical and spell resistance by 3960 each

-Dunmer (Dark Elf)-

Special Passive- Ashlander-

Increase experience with duel wield skill line by 15%, and reduce environmental lave damage by 50%

  1. Dynamic- Increase max magicka and stamina by 1875

  2. Resist Flame- Increase flame resistance by 2310 and immune to burning status effect

  3. Ruination- Increase weapon and spell damage by 258



Special Passive- Amphibian-

Increase experience with restoration staff skill line by 15%, and increase swim speed by 50%

  1. Life Mender- Increase healing by 6%

  2. Argonian Resistance- Increase max health by 1000, disease resistance by 2310, immunity to diseased status effect

  3. Resourceful- Increase max magicka by 1000, when you drink a potion gain 4000 max magicka,health, and stamina

Aldmeri Dominion

-Altmer (High Elf)-

Special Passive- Highborn-

Increase experience with the destruction staff skill line by 15%, increase experience gain by 1%

  1. Spell Recharge- when you activate a class ability you restore 640 magicka/stamina, whichever is higher. take 5% less damage when using a channel or cast time ability

  2. Syrabane's Boon- Increase max magicka by 2000

  3. Elemental Talent- Increase spell damage by 258

-Bosmer (Wood Elf)-

Special Passive- Acrobat-

Increase experience with bow skill line by 15%, and reduce fall damage by 10%

  1. Hunters Eye- Increase stealth detection radius by 3 meters, increase movement speed by 10% after dodge roll for 6 seconds and physical spell penetration for 1500 for 6 seconds

  2. Y'ffre's Endurance- Increase stamina recovery by 258

  3. Resist Affliction- Increase max stamina by 2000, poison resistance by 2310 and immune to poison status effect



Special Passive- Cutpurse-

Increase experience with medium armor skill line, and increase pickpocket chance by 5%

  1. Robustness- Increase health recovery by 100 and magicka/stamina recovery by 85

  2. Lunar Blessing- Increase health, magicka, and stamina by 825

  3. Feline Ambush- Increase critical damage and healing by 10% and decrease detection radius in stealth by 3 meters