Creeps is meant to be played as a rogue, we have the magicka/recovery to sustain invisible long enough to get away form any encounter if used correctly and the damage to instakill light and medium armor enemies but still have the sustain to fight a heavy armor opponent. This build works in CP and no CP

GEAR - 5 MEDIUM, 1 HEAVY,1 light

  1. Head- Selene's/ Velidreth - TriEnchant & Impen.
  2. Shoulders-Selene's/ Velidreth - Stamina Enchant & Well Fitted
  3. Chest-Shacklebreaker - Stamina Enchant & Impen.
  4. Arms-Shacklebreaker - Stamina Enchant & Impen.
  5. Hands-Shacklebreaker - Stamina Enchant & Impen.
  6. Legs-Shacklebreaker- Stamina Enchant & Impen.
  7. Feet-Shacklebreaker - Stamina Enchant & Impen.
  8. Jewelry- Spriggan's Thorns - 2 Weapon damage Enchant 1 reduced cost & 3 Robust
  9. Weapon 1-Spriggan's Thorns Greatsword- Disease Enchant & Sharpened
  10. Weapon 2-Spriggan's Thorns Bow - Weapon Damage - Infused


  1. Poison injection- Main DOT with execute damage

  2. Vigor- Heal, use with rally, I always cast vigor followed by rally(or the other way around)

  3. Shadow Image- Minor Main to reduce damage we take and an escape tool always have this up and fake people out before you go invisible. Or cast it to pretend like you will use it and watch them stay close to it, then just go invisible. This is also a flex spot, I change it around sometimes to different buffs/debuffs depending on what kind of enemies I am seeing most. usually mirage morphs or piercing mark

  4. Relentless Focus- Reduce damage and damage/heal- I cast the bow proc when I go to reapply my poison injection but you can keep it for damage reduction

  5. Shadowy Disguise- Invisible, plus the next attack is always a critical strike, ulti out of stealth if its up

  6. Incapacitating Strike- cheap ulti and passively gain resources/crit

  1. Ambush- Gap closer and increases the damage they take so ambush into light attack ulti and so on. If you're doing a lot of ganking you can run camouflaged hunter for minor berserk and major savagery instead, but I recommend vampire if you don't run a gap closer for more speed when stealthed.

  2. Surprise Attack- Spammable and reduced resistance

  3. Reverse Slice- Execute

  4. Rally- Major brutality, burst heal

  5. Mass Hysteria- main CC

  6. Incapacitating Strike- FLEX I put dawnbreaker here a lot, but if you are not in a group and looking for 1v1 kills then I like the passive regen


  1. Warrior - Weapon damage
  2. Dubious Camoran Throne, If you don't want to buy or don't have the recipe use Orzorga's Tripe Trifle Pocket that you get from a quest in Wrothgar also good if you're not a woodelf
  3. Tripots! With tripots you can go invisible longer to get away, or reset a fight faster before the opponent has gotten resources back. You can use Immovable but the point of the Nightblade is to get in kill and get out. Not facetank the whole group like a DK or Templar. I feel the Magicka from tripots is more important, assuming you play like a rogue
  4. Wood Elf/ Khajiit- Just seems to pit perfectly for us especially since the passives update, but like any other PVP build pick the race you want and adjust consumables/mundus/monster helm to cover your gaps.